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Efficient Vacation Scheduling for Teams

Simplify vacation planning with ‘Vacations’. This app lets employees manage leave balances, submit plans, and get approvals seamlessly. Ensure coverage and streamline HR processes, all within Microsoft Teams.

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Scalable Planning

Adaptable Vacation Management for Any Company Size

Whether for a small team or a sprawling conglomerate, 'Vacations' scales to meet your needs. HR professionals can gain insights into the entire company's leave patterns, not just their own department, with this powerful, flexible tool.

  • Company-Wide Integration: Manage leave for small teams or entire corporations seamlessly.
  • Powerful Oversight: HR has complete visibility across all departments and subsidiary companies.
  • Flexibility: Adapts to different company structures and sizes with ease.
  • Efficient Coordination: Ensures critical roles are covered during any employee’s vacation.
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Clear Balances

Instant Overview of Your Vacation Days

'Vacations' provides employees with a clear, up-to-date count of used and remaining vacation days, empowering them to plan their time off without confusion. This visibility eliminates the need to query HR, fostering a more autonomous and informed workforce.

  • Direct Access: Employees see their vacation balances instantly, which promotes better planning and autonomy.
  • Reduced Queries: Frees up HR and accounting from routine balance inquiries.
  • Privacy and Independence: Minimizes uncomfortable conversations by providing clear, personal insights into vacation entitlements.
  • Informed Decisions: Employees can make better, informed decisions about their leave times.
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Smart Scheduling

Streamline Coordination with Advanced Scheduling

'Vacations' allows employees, HR, and accountants to view everyone’s vacation schedules in one place. This centralized view helps coordinate efforts, plan events, and ensure critical positions are always covered, even when key staff are away.

  • Unified Calendar: All staff vacation times are visible in one integrated schedule.
  • Event Planning: Easily plan company events and meetings without scheduling conflicts.
  • Role Coverage: Automatically highlights when critical positions risk being understaffed.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Improves planning and cooperation across departments.

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Legal Compliance

Adapt to Local Labor Laws with Ease

'Vacations' adapts to various international labor laws, allowing HR and accountants to configure rules specific to their country’s regulations and company policies. Whether it’s defining how weekend days count towards vacations or setting minimum vacation blocks, ensure your company stays legally compliant effortlessly.

  • Local Adaptability: Customize the app according to the specific labor laws of your country.
  • Flexible Rules Setting: Set up vacation rules that reflect both legal requirements and company policy.
  • Legal Assurance: Maintain compliance with regulations on how vacation days are calculated and consumed.
  • Policy Alignment: Easily adjust settings as laws and policies change over time.
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Policy Flexibility

Customize to Fit Company Policies Perfectly

'Vacations' is fully customizable to align with your company's specific vacation policies. HR can define various types of leaves, set notification periods, and specify conditions for quick vacation days, crafting a system that works seamlessly for everyone—regardless of company size.

  • Tailored Rules: Configure the types and conditions of vacations to suit company standards.
  • Adaptive Policies: Whether it’s advance notice requirements or the allowance of short leaves, set parameters that reflect your operational practices.
  • Consistent Application: Uniformly apply rules across all departments to avoid discrepancies.
  • Scalable Solutions: Effective for both small businesses and large enterprises.
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Graphical Insights

Enhance Planning with Visual Overviews

'Vacations' offers dynamic graphs that display who is away and when, across teams or the entire company. This visual tool aids in better operational planning and decision-making, ensuring minimal disruption and informed approvals of vacation requests.

  • Clear Visuals: Utilize graphs to see the distribution of leaves throughout the year.
  • Informed Decisions: Simplify the approval process with an at-a-glance understanding of team availability.
  • Strategic Planning: Coordinate staff effectively, ensuring critical periods are well-staffed.
  • Comprehensive Overview: Monitor vacation trends company-wide to optimize workforce management.
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Whitelabel App

Fits Perfectly with Your Existing Software

Customize the 'Vacations' app to align seamlessly with your Microsoft 365 suite, enhancing user comfort and consistency across your corporate software tools.

  • Custom Branding: Replace Tabloo logos with your own for a fully branded experience that appears native to your company.
  • Seamless Integration: The app blends perfectly with your existing Microsoft 365 apps, maintaining a consistent user interface.
  • Increased Adoption: Familiar branding and design promote user comfort and increase usage rates.

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